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About Us

In 25 years of development, LEXON has remained faithful to its design commitments. Electronics, luggage, travel, office and leisure accessories. This direction is not measured in figures. Sensitivity is its dimension. And above all, it is about making an object enjoyable for its daily use – a unique, artistic and industrial equation, timeless and functional.

Our products are designed with one goal and a simple philosophy: to please and be used. The intimacy that LEXON maintains with its accomplishments is also the one that LEXON casts on you: friendly objects for friendly users.

Diversity of technology and material, great signatures and inspiration, they all belong to a great family: senior and young designers meet at last. The marvelous alchemy from blending generations gives us what we dream of.

Every year, fifty-five countries and museums of Modern Art throughout the world reinforce our insight. In 2016, Lexon is more than ever a universally contemporary brand: with its time, here and now.

Born in 1953, the founder of LEXON, René Adda, has always shown a passion for objects, and his design education came from the long experience and the numerous contacts with designers worldwide. The desire to create and make things exist from a simple idea comes from a pure feeling.

"I really enjoy to start from a single white page of paper and see the products being used in so many different places in the world, being a small part of people’s life, and sometimes winning awards and being selected by prestigious Museums."

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LEXON is distributed in 55 countries and is sold in -mid to -upper tier department stores, museum shops as well as in independent luggage and gift retailers. LEXON has 135 company stores of their own in China (131) and in France (4). LEXON is used amongst Fortune 500 companies for B2B opportunities such as corporate incentives and giveaways. Please contact us directly via phone or email for more information on these opportunities; 561-223-2220 or