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Lexon Mino Speaker, music in the palm of your hand.

Lexon Design In Life - Mino Speaker

Here at Lexon we consider ourselves style and design enthusiasts. We love what is modern, functional and unexpected. Our passion for “new” never rests, and continuously boosts everything we do.

The Mino Speaker is proof of that. Designed by Quaglio Simonelli, it portrays their artists’ signature: familiar looking products contaminated by the unexpected and the poetical. This tiny wireless Bluetooth Speaker is the perfect example of functional design. Based on an elegant and contemporary aesthetic, this high-tech portable accessory is of micro size, rechargeable, and can be used in countless occasions given its multitask functions.

You can use it to play music, make conference calls and even take selfies! Once your phone is connected via Bluetooth to the Mino Speaker, you can choose to receive and make hands-free phone calls, and thanks to its integrated microphone, conference calls have never been easier! Additionally, you can open your phone’s camera app and use the Mino’s button located under the speaker to use as a photo shutter and take your selfie game to the next level!

A Loud Voice On A Tiny Body

This Bluetooth Speaker emits fantastic sound. It is known to surprise its users with the enormous sound that comes from such a little speaker. It comes in 10 different vibrant colors, making it versatile for anyone’s personality and taste, and its compact size is ideal to be transported in bags or even pockets.

The Mino Speaker will always be there to accompany you wherever you go, making you the life and soul of the party, even on the move!

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 by Andrea Benítez & Yoli Rivas, inBright