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Lexon Flip Alarm Clock - Flip your days around

What if we told you that you can make every morning a pleasant experience? Here at Lexon, (Modern Mojo Shop) we work to bring you every day accessories with a modern, elegant and versatile twist, for your personal enjoyment and for life simplicity.
The Flip Clock, designed by Jeremy and Adrian Wright, is the introduction to charming, engaging and productive mornings. The Wright brothers formed their practice in 2005 and have gone on to design award-winning products for a variety of international clients. With an engineering background and a sound understanding of manufacturing processes, their approach to design is driven by an appreciation of both the technical and visual aspects of a product.

The Flip Clock combines functional design with a sophisticated exterior, making it worthy of nightstand adornment. Its main characteristic, which makes it stand out in the market, it’s a special function for shutting down the alarm, with motion, just flip the clock around to turn off the alarm! No more accidental snoozing or having to place the clock to the other side of the room to wake up. Guarantied morning results!

It comes in many vibrant colors and even wooden and marble designs. Its LCD screen lights up if necessary, it has a touch sensor for snoozing, and the display adjusts according to the side that’s facing up. Its idea of simplicity gives a refreshing and delicate atmosphere to the room, while also making a statement.

Ready to flip your days around for the better?

Go with Lexon, Design in Life.

By Yoli Rivas, inBright